Terms & Acronyms

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Book and Video Picks

These videos/books are some that have a lot of educational information about serious viral epidemics.

Facing Darkness

Samaritan's Purse

This is a dramtic documentary how Samaritan's Purse was called on by Medicine without Frontiers, the only other organization in the world to come alongside and fight Ebola in the Liberia.

Dengue. The Hunt for a Vaccine

Journeyman Pictures

This documentary will show what the rest of the world deals with in this painful disease.

Surviving Ebola


This is a good general PBS documentary of Ebola.

The Hot Zone

Book & TV Series

The National Geographic made-for-TV series came from the book by Richard Preston. This documents the case of Ebola Reston, which erupted in Reston, Virgina. The TV series takes some artistic liberties, and the book is much more detailed. It is worth experiencing both, however.