Ron Smith, MD

I have these specific goals.

  • I want to educate parents with accurate information about vaccines, while allowing them to tangibly demonstrate their understanding.
  • I want to preserve a parent’s constitutional right to choose not to vaccinate.
  • I want to provide their children’s physicians with proof of that education, and hopefully then preserve the patient-parent-physician relationship.
  • I want to provide physicians with a library of concise information about important current and emerging infectious disease that they may encounter on medical mission fields.

Vaccine Education

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Infectious Disease Library

How PedsVax Vaccine Education Works

In my practice, we chose not to sever our patient relationships when parents chose not to vaccinate or to do so on their altered schedule. More and more, parents were calling to join our practice because their present physician refused to continue caring for them unless their children were fully immunized.

I felt this was wrong on two specific points. First, I believe that it is a parent’s right to choose not to vaccinate. Second, no parent ever decided to vaccinate against their conscience because their physician demanded they do so. Education and engaging discussion with them is effective, because even if they remain unconvinced about vaccination, parents make an informed decision.

The question remained, though, how do we engage parents? Sometimes vaccine discussions can last thirty or forty minutes to fully explain and answer question?

My solution was to develop an engaging, multimedia online slide course with a short open-book quiz. This if effective because it allows parents to read accurate vaccine information in an non-confrontational environment. Any questions they still have can then be addressed with more focused answers.

The educational materials and quiz are all free to parents, of course. It is my pleasure to offer physicians members of the American College of Pediatricians free reporting of the quiz results for documentation in their practice.

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Library Topics

The library is intended to include common and uncommon infections. It should be useful for everyone from parents and physicians to missionaries and missionary organizations. My particular interest is in Level 4 Hot infectious bacteria—those infections where there are no specific antivirals or antibiotics and no vaccines. I hope to bring light to other scourges of which many westerners are unaware.

Measles, Whooping Cough, and other infections for which we already vaccinate.

Besides the educational slides and quiz, you will find original content with references.

Dengue Fever

Dengue is also know as breakbone fever. It is among the most painful of infections. There is a vaccine, but it is not as effective because of peculiarities of the four strains of Dengue virus.

Yellow Fever

Recently, two counties in south Florida have been found to now be ridden with the mosquito Aegpytus scapulis which is the insect vector for Yellow Fever. This virus has not been present on US soil since the mid 1900s. There is a vaccine, but no specific treatment.


This is one of the most deadly viruses in the world with mortality rates as high as 90%. There are, at present, five strains, and its close cousin, the Marburg virus. It has circled the globe. There is no specific treatement. A new viral vector mRNA vaccine has been shown to be effective.